Social events and food places

Day 1. January 17, 2016, Sunday, 6:30 PM. Opening Reception at Blackfinn Ameripub (4840 Big Island Drive,Suite 05, Jacksonville, FL 32246, 904-345-3466). If you may be allergic to anything or have special dietary restrictions let Ilia Guzei know.

Day 2. January 18, 2016, Monday, 5:00 PM.

An optional bus tour to St. Augustine. The web site lists the attractions and here is a link to  food map . On MLK day St. Augustine will be pretty busy, so if you want you can make reservations in advance. Here are a few recommended places in St. Augustine:

For all days - restaurant information (this is FYI, there are no organized group meals except for the reception and provided lunches)

Dininig locations at the University of North Florida

Restaurants near University of North Florida Arena